Rep. Chesney’s Summer Reading Club

Studies have shown that reading over the summer break can prevent learning loss for students. 

To help students stay ahead, State Representative Andrew Chesney is hosting a Summer Reading Club to encourage fun and educational reading for students currently in (or just finished) first through fifth grade. Participants choose their own books and keep track of their own reading.

Once a student has completed reading 8 books, have a parent or guardian fill out the form below and submit it by August 1, 2022. Students who successfully complete the readings will be sent special recognition from Rep. Chesney in late summer including an official certificate from the Illinois House of Representatives.

Contact Rep. Chesney at 815-232-0774 or at with any questions.

Have your parent or guardian certify your summer reading by filling out the form below:

Summer Reading Club Sign-up

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Student's must read 8 books between now and the deadline. Books over 200 pages can be counted as 2 books and can be listed twice. Click the + at the end of each entry to add a new book.
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The Save and Continue link below will allow you to start the form and come back to it within 30 days to complete. You will receive instructions on how to retrieve your form through a notification. We do not have the ability to access the form before you submit it so follow the instructions carefully. Or complete the form in its entirety and click the Submit button.