Museum Card Request

Individuals living in the 89th District can request the use of the free Constituent Museum Education Card through Rep. Chesney’s office. The Card provides access for a group of 4 or fewer people to select museums, zoos and institutions in the Chicagoland area.

How it works
Not sure if you live in the 89th District?

Click the button below and search for Senate or Representative District (if you don’t live in the 89th District check with the legislator who does represent your district they may also provide museum cards for their residents):

Make your Reservation

Please note: We can only provide museum cards for residents in the 89th District.
Date you want to reserve the card (must be at least 7 days advance notice)?(Required)
It is strongly recommended that families utilizing the card contact the museum/institution they plan to visit to learn if pre-registration is required.
Rep. Chesney''s office will follow up with you regarding your reservation.