Chesney Statement on Unconstitutional Firearm Ban

State Representative Andrew Chesney released the following statement after the passage of SB 2226:

“Once again, Illinois Democrats empower and embolden dangerous criminals while simultaneously targeting law-abiding citizens. This gun ban, coupled with the disastrous SAFE-T Act, proves that criminals continue to be rewarded, while Illinois citizens are caught in a web of government dysfunction and regulation when trying to legally obtain a firearm.

The Democrats who drafted this highly restrictive legislation claim that it will lower the ever-rising crime in the state of Illinois. Yet these same lawmakers disregard the fact that many crimes across the state are perpetrated by criminals who use illegal guns; an issue this bill refuses to address. Tonight, I voted against the firearm ban, SB 2226. This law deeply infringes on our Constitutional right to bear arms. It does nothing to address the issue of rising crime in our state and forces law-abiding citizens to be subject to severe government overreach. I will always stand behind the Second Amendment right to bear arms”