Chesney Warns of Lame Duck Shenanigans

Democrats plan to attack 2nd Amendment rights

Freeport…Illinois State Representative Andrew Chesney (R-89) is outraged by the Democrat’s planned attack on Illinoisans’ right to protect themselves, their families and their property from criminals intent on doing them harm.

“The introduction of HB 5855 earlier this week by Democrats who are more concerned with protecting criminals than victims and our families, is just one more assault on our Constitutional rights,” explained Chesney. “Moreover, the proposed legislation contains provisions that would make criminals of law-abiding citizens.”

Some of the provisions of HB 5855 include:

  • Creating a gun registry for almost every kind of semi-automatic weapon,
  • Outlawing magazines holding more than 10 rounds from being made, sold, or possessed,
  • Restricting individuals under the age of 21 from obtaining a FOID card,
  • Limiting the ability of individuals under the age of 21 to hunt, and
  • Requiring law-abiding citizens to pay a $25 fee each for certain firearms currently owned or risk being charged as a felon.

“It is not lost on me that the Democrat’s SAFE-T Act, signed into law earlier this year, releases those currently charged with violent acts back out on the streets while at the same time this new legislation creates felons out of law abiding citizens,” said Chesney. “Democrats are making our communities less safe and then taking away our ability to protect ourselves. It is absurd and reckless.”

Chesney warns there is still time for HB 5855 to be called for a vote in the January lame duck session and with people busy during the holidays, the introduction of this misguided legislation may have been missed by the general public. For now a subject matter hearing is scheduled for HB 5855 on December 12 at 11:00 a.m. at the Michael A. Bilandic Building, C-600, 6th Floor in Chicago. Attendance is not required to voice your position. Chesney urges those who want to express their opposition to the bill to submit an electronic witness slip before the December 12th hearing.