Chesney statement on FY23 budget

Rep. Chesney released the following statement after passage of the FY23 budget in the early morning hours.

“Today, Illinois Democrats passed an untenable state budget that includes an increase for state operations that will be paid for in FY23 by a one-time federal bailout. What it does not do is provide for a funding mechanism to pay for those increases in the years that follow. For that, Democrats will have to rely on future tax increases.

This budget scheme crafted by the Governor and the Democrat supermajority fails Illinois families in the long term. While one-time tax rebates will be welcomed by Illinois families, the budget does not deliver what they really need like structural reforms that will permanently keep taxes low and improve government efficiency.

Basing a budget on a one-time federal bailout and election-year gimmicks is the antithesis of good fiscal management. Regrettably, this budget plan sets the stage for yet another ultimatum by the Governor in the near future that will require Illinoisans to pay up or face his draconian cuts to services for seniors, veterans, the disabled and more.”