Chesney: Remove honors for disgraced Madigan

Rep. Andrew Chesney speaking to students from Highland Community College as they visited the State Capitol on Feb. 18, 2020.

State Representative Andrew Chesney has filed HB 5718, legislation requiring the state to remove the name and likeness of the disgraced Michael J. Madigan from the Capitol building and other state properties. 

Madigan, the former longtime Speaker of the House, was indicted on 22 counts of federal racketeering charges and running a criminal enterprise for more than a decade. Chesney is unwavering in his belief that the state not honor Madigan’s legacy of corruption with portraits, plaques and other accolades, especially in the “people’s house.”

“If Democrats are serious about ridding the state of corruption then they will support efforts to remove the honors typically reserved for those who we revere, not those who perpetuated the corruption,” said Chesney. “Ending this era marked by corrupt politicians starts with removing the tenure of Mike Madigan.”

Chesney was one of the three original petitioners to begin the process of investigating the corruption of House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, a move that eventually led to his resignation last year.