In face of Freeport murder spike,Chesney blames soft-on-crime policies in Illinois

In the face of a spike of murders in Freeport (five this year), including a double homicide the evening of November 18, State Representative Andrew Chesney tore into “soft-on-crime policies supported by Democrats in Illinois.”

“I grieve deeply for the families who have lost loved ones to murders in the wake of this violence. This spike in violent crime is a result of the anti-police, pro-crime policies being proliferated in Illinois and throughout the country where Democrats are abusing their power to force woke pro-crime policies down the throats of law-abiding citizens,” said Chesney from Freeport on Friday. “When Democrats pushed legislation to punish the police instead of punish criminals this January, they set in motion a crime wave across Illinois. Emboldened criminals do not believe their crimes will be punished in such a way as to deter their violent acts against our neighbors.”

“When there are fewer police on the streets, criminals feel emboldened. When fewer crimes are prosecuted, criminals feel emboldened. We need more police and more enforcement to stem the tide of violence we are seeing, not less,” said Chesney. “The waves of crime coming from the policies enacted by woke politicians are only beginning to hit our streets. The worst is yet to come. The Illinois Department of Corrections recently announced their prison population is down 25% since the pandemic started, with thousands of violent offenders released into communities throughout Illinois.”

“House Bill 3653, along with other policy pushes to eliminate qualified immunity, have made recruitment difficult for law enforcement agencies throughout the State. We need to hold criminals accountable and, while we’re at it, the democrat politicians who have enabled their spree of violent crime which is now at our front door,” said Chesney on Friday.

Rep. Chesney has a Back the Badge petition and public safety survey live on his legislative website at