Democrats send legislation to Pritzker to coverup abortions from parents

Illinois Democrats sent legislation to Governor JB Pritzker to, “coverup abortions from parents of minor children,” announced State Representative Andrew Chesney on Wednesday in commenting on the repeal of the Parental Notification of Abortion (PNA) Act.

PNA is a current state law that went into effect in August 2013, which requires doctors to give parents at least 48 hours’ notice before performing an abortion on a girl 17 and younger. Under the parental notice of abortion law, some exceptions are made for victims of sexual abuse or those in medical emergencies. On Wednesday, Illinois Democrats in the legislature repealed this law requiring parents be notified.

“Moms and dads in Northwest Illinois have made it clear to me their feelings on this legislation,” said Chesney. “For the democrat supermajority state government to allow for a major medical procedure to be conducted on young girls 17 and under with notifying their parents, and to, in fact, hide the procedure, is beyond the pale of what is acceptable to families in Illinois. But that’s exactly what just happened in Springfield thanks to Democrat legislators.”

HB 370, which was previously passed in the evening hours Tuesday by Democrats in the State Senate, was debated and passed by Democrats in the Illinois House on Wednesday by a vote of 62-51-3. Chesney voted NO. Illinoisans can learn how their elected representative voted at

“For Democrats to exercise eminent domain over parenting rights to cover up major medical procedures on young girls’ bodies is an intrusion into parenting most moms and dads find completely unacceptable. The truth is that abortions sometimes result in complications. Complications a parent should be watching out for, which if untreated, can result in death. How is this abomination acceptable to Illinois residents,” Chesney decried.

Chesney encouraged constituents to sign his petition to Governor Pritzker opposing repeal of the Parental Notification Act at: