Chesney Guest Column: Democrats abort their relationship with Illinois families

To say the Democrats “have taken Illinois families for granted in the past” is the understatement of the year. But now, they have openly declared war on families.

Taxpayer funding of abortion was just the start a few years ago. Now, late at night in the second week of the Fall Veto Session of the Illinois House, Democrats passed legislation and sent it to the Governor to allow young girls, 17 and under, to be provided an abortion without ever telling their parents (Senate Bill 1169, House Amendment #3).

For Democrats to exercise eminent domain over parenting rights to cover up major medical procedures on young girls’ bodies is an intrusion into parenting most moms and dads find completely unacceptable. The truth is that abortions sometimes result in complications. Complications a parent should be watching out for, which if untreated, can result in death. How is this abomination acceptable to Illinois residents?

To add insult to injury, Illinois Democrats also acted to take away Health Care Right of Conscience, the legislation protecting Illinoisans from medical procedures and treatments against their will (House Bill 370, House Amendments 1 & 2). Democrats made their real intentions clear as they openly contemplated with tepid fear that the controls exercised over Illinoisans’ lives will likely erode quickly through proper judicial review if Democrats didn’t act to ensure JB Pritzker continues to operate sole control over pandemic decision-making. All this so legislative Democrats can avoid responsibility and accountability for these decisions.

Parenting rights are clearly under attack from Illinois Democrats. Personal rights and liberties are under attack from Illinois Democrats. Police officers are under attack from Illinois Democrats. Young girls are under attack from Illinois Democrats.

Next year, Illinois Democrats will fill up mailboxes and commercial breaks throughout Illinois propagandizing to voters all the great things they did “for Illinois families”, meanwhile the reality is they simply put more of them on the unemployment line and in a position to be vulnerable to sex traffickers. When they send their dishonest propaganda, remember what they did in the middle of the night just before Halloween to families and frontline heroes.

Local progressives love to attack me for criticizing this malarkey pulled by Democrats while voters are sleeping.  It’s a rhetorical position predicated on the notion that process doesn’t matter. Indeed, these progressive critics believe that it is appropriate to pull these stunts when no one is looking if the ends justify the means. After all, if progressives have a seat at the table for redistricting, it shouldn’t matter that the voices of voters were ignored and maps were drawn by politicians behind closed doors, right?!

However, the sleeping voters eventually wake up and don’t appreciate the sneaky, abhorrent things Democrats did to them while they slept.

State Representative Andrew Chesney advocates on behalf of the 89th District in Illinois. As a legislator, his policy priorities include cutting taxes, creating jobs, and government accountability and transparency. Learn more at