Chesney says Democrats giving criminals second tries rather than second chances

State Representative Andrew Chesney didn’t waste any time, along with his Republican counterparts, in panning action taken by Illinois House Democrats in making appointments to the Public Safety & Violence Task Force as an “attempt by Democrats to provide cover for the terrible pro-criminal policies they have enacted over the past year.”

Despite Chesney’s appointment to serve on said Task Force, he criticized its recently “un-idled” status as, “nothing more than cover for Democrats to pretend like they can fix a problem which they created through the January passage of their anti-police bill,” said Chesney. “Don’t take my word for it. Talk to any police officer, judge, prosecutor or administrator in our courts and they will tell you that justice in Illinois has suffered since Democrats made it clear that crimes can be committed in Illinois nearly consequence-free. I’ll save the taxpayers the money and tell you right now- it is the policies Democrats have supported that have increased violent crime. Plain and simple. No task force needed.”

The Public Safety and Violence Prevention Task Force is tasked with “studying the various issues contributing to the increase in crime in the State of Illinois and make specific recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly on how to make communities more safe”, according to the enacting legislation.

However, the outcome of higher crime is a “direct result of the lawless and consequence-free behavior Illinois Democrats encouraged through their pro-criminal policy pillar this year. Republicans believe in second chances, but what Democrats are giving criminals are not second chances, but rather second tries. Illinois Democrats are why our communities are less safe,” said Chesney.

Chesney encouraged constituents to take his survey about public safety at: