Chesney votes NO on omnibus energy bill

Today, Democrats killed an opportunity for a bipartisan agreement on the energy future of Illinois by passing a last-minute omnibus energy bill that diminishes generation options and further burdens residents and business with sky-high rates.

“This package includes the largest rate increase for ratepayers in Illinois history,” said Andrew Chesney as the Illinois House convened for a Special Session aimed at saving Illinois’ nuclear fleet, but instead voted on legislation crafted to destroy an all-of-the-above energy approach. “We need to preserve and protect all of our energy assets, but not on the backs of hardworking taxpayers, and not by handing bailouts to corporations mired in scandal.” 

As families and businesses continue to struggle through government-mandated business shut-downs imposed by Democrats nearly two years ago, residents are poised to see increases in service costs and property taxes as local governments adjust to fewer reliable energy sources.

“The short-sighted approach taken today was completely avoidable,” Chesney continued. “Real leadership would set a comprehensive strategy for affordable and reliable energy production. People are hurting and they continue to be ignored by the Democrats who are supposed to be in power to serve the public interest, not self-interest.”

Chesney voted NO on SB 2408, which passed the Illinois House by a vote of 83-33.

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