Chesney Bill Banning Pet Store “Puppy Mill” Sales Signed by Governor


Legislation drafted and passed by State Representative Andrew Chesney aimed at ending the market for puppy mills by ending the sale of commercially bred puppies in retail outlets was signed into law on Friday, over the strong objection and in-person protests of puppy mill advocates.

“One of the best ways to stop the prevalence of these puppy mills is to significantly reduce the demand by ending transfer of pets through retail sales outlets,” said Chesney about his House Bill 1711. “These puppy mill advocates know this is their market and that is why they protested my efforts to infringe upon this inhumane treatment of dogs and cats.”

Many retailers responsibly partner with shelters rather than puppy mills to offer pet adoption events, which can continue under the new law. Consumers would still be able to purchase puppies from responsible breeders. However, the direct sale of puppies in retail pet stores would end in Illinois and so would much of the abuse towards our companion animals, according to Chesney.

“Puppy mill advocates partnered with mall pet stores to put into place these irresponsible practices of misleading potential pet owners with baseless guarantees that pets are healthy, socialized and bred responsibly. Nothing has or could be further from the truth,” Chesney alleges.

“We applaud Illinois lawmakers for passing the Illinois Humane Pet Store Law, making our great state the 5th in the nation to take such a strong stand against puppy mill cruelty,” said Marc Ayers, Illinois State Director for the Humane Society of the United States. “This law brings us one step closer to the day when terrible puppy mills will have nowhere left to sell.”

You can learn more about this and other legislative issues can be found online at Representative Chesney’s legislative website at