Chesney files legislation to push back on Pritzker’s school mask mandate

State Representative Andrew Chesney took a first step needed to undo Governor Pritzker’s most recent mask mandate through legislation he says urges politicians in Springfield to restore “local control”.

“People throughout Illinois and, frankly, throughout this country, are getting so tired of edicts from politicians about how to live their lives,” said Chesney. “In the face of this terribly patronizing treatment from politicians, it is well past time we restore “local control”. I have faith that the health department officials in our counties, the teachers in our classrooms and government closest to the people are perfectly capable of making correct decisions for the residents they have been duly elected to represent. But to be told how to run our lives through edicts from Springfield or Washington is simply not acceptable,” Chesney continued.

Chesney filed House Bill 4131 on Friday, August 20th to provide that a school board or the governing board of a public or nonpublic school has the authority to determine, in consultation with the local health department, whether to implement

mask-wearing requirements for school staff, students, and visitors when the Governor has declared a disaster due to a public health emergency related to COVID-19.

“I don’t believe that my local administrators are less qualified to make decisions about their students and their classrooms than the Chicago-based Superintendent of Schools for Illinois,” said Chesney. “I do not believe that IDPH knows more about proper mitigation protocols for local locations than the local health administrators who work and live here. We pay these people to apply their hard-earned first-hand knowledge to benefit our community and not to simply follow orders from bureaucrats outside our communities.”

With the Illinois General Assembly being called back for Special Session to address the Unconstitutional “politician’s map” on August 31, Chesney called on Speaker Chris Welch, “to restore proper checks and balances” to the governance of Illinois through consideration of his legislation, House Bill 4131.

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