Chesney Opposes “Anti-Gun” Amendments to House Bill 562

State Representative Andrew Chesney voted NO, and urged his colleagues to do the same, on an anti-gun bill sent the Illinois House for consideration during a special session on June 16th.

“I filed legislation to fix the FOID problems by eliminating the unconstitutional FOID system,” said Chesney from Springfield on Wednesday. “Instead, gun-grabbing politicians are doubling down on bloated bureaucracies that serve no one well; especially the unprecedented number of innocent Chicago residents hunted down by freed felons in gun-free zones.”

While there were administrative fixes in the original language of House Bill 562, Senate Amendments 1 & 2 went well beyond fixes supported by victim advocacy groups like the ISRA. “Rather, the new Amendments added massive new bureaucracy under the premise of those who allow state government to violate their Constitutional rights getting to “cut in line” ahead of those who wish to preserve their rights and who do not wish to have state government collect their biometric data when they have been accused of no crime,” said Chesney.

Chesney describes a new system allowed under the Amendments which states if legal firearm owners voluntarily submit fingerprints with your FOID renewal than their application skips ahead of those who choose to not submit fingerprints. “Over 40% of residents in my district have FOID cards,” said Chesney. “Why in the world should we want state government collecting fingerprint data on law-abiding residents just for the exercising of their God-given Constitutionally-recognized Rights?”

The legislation in Springfield was voted on just days after media reports surfaced about thousands of firearms which went missing from military base artilleries under the Obama Presidency and throughout the 2010s. A number of those military-grade weapons somehow made their way to being utilized in street crimes and homicides in inner cities throughout the country, according to recent national media reports.

Chesney’s bill to repeal the FOID system in Illinois, House Bill 1770, was never allowed an opportunity to be voted on in the House Rules Committee controlled by Speaker Chris Welch during the regular Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly. House Bill 562, as amended by Senate Amendments 1 & 2, passed  the Illinois House by a vote of 75-40.

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