Rep. Andrew Chesney characterizes sex-ed bill for schoolchildren as “perversion”

State Representative Andrew Chesney characterized legislation passed on the Friday evening of Memorial Day Weekend as “perversion” for aiming to eliminate the option of “abstinence-only” education in Illinois by mandating all schools in Illinois which teach sexual education subscribe to a national sexual education standard developed by special interest groups which have been characterized by some educators as “well beyond age appropriate.”

“To provide no exemption for religious or private schools who still wish to educate their students about sexual health is outrageous. There is insufficient flexibility for local schools to make local decisions,” said Chesney about the new mandate. “This Standard relies on a theoretical social change framework that is far from age appropriate, encourages grade school viewership of adult sexual materials and indoctrinates about which sources of information are valid about sexual health and which are not.”

“This bill legislates perversion and institutionalizes sexual grooming of young schoolchildren, plain and simple,” Chesney decried. “This push is disgusting and undermines the rights of parents to educate their children.”

“Senate Bill 818 privatizes creation of standards for sexual education in Illinois moving forward, opening the door to future revisions parents will have to remain constantly vigilant about in understanding the education being delivered to their children in public and private schools,” Chesney concluded.

Senate Bill 818 passed the Illinois House just before 6:00pm on Friday evening, March 28th, on a sharply partisan roll call of 60-48.