Chesney: “we have a trust problem in this State” (VIDEO)

“I am so proud to be the party of working class people. So proud.

We argue for things like property tax relief, we argue for things like fee reductions. We also argue for opportunity, because we know that people, regardless of where you come from, we want people to have a shot in the state of Illinois, it’s about a shot.

But my colleague also talked about ethics, because every dollar that they send to the state, at a minimum, doesn’t matter where you come from, you’re Democrat or Republican, every dollar we send to the state, we want people to be feel comfortable, that every dollar is being spent correctly.

And we talk about ethics over and over and over again. As Democrats and Republicans, we continue to hammer this idea that we need to make all of our constituents 100% comfortable that when they send dollars to the state of Illinois, we’re going to spend them properly and ethically.

And every time we get jammed up in these nuanced debates about ethics, ladies and gentlemen, the former Clerk of the house teammates was just indicted, just indicted. And again, many of you will say nothing about the long-standing tradition of corruption in the state of Illinois. These are different than philosophical differences we have as Democrats and Republicans and urban legislators, or rural legislators, we have a trust problem in this state.

And that’s why when the majority party put forward the graduated income tax, it got soundly defeated. Because there’s a trust problem in the state. And we know there’s a trust problem, not just by the graduated income tax, we know there’s a trust problem, because people no longer want to live here.

Which is why we’re one of the few states that people are saying no to Illinois. But I do agree with my friend and colleague on the other side of the aisle, who I thought was the most intellectually honest, and made a comment that was so telling. And he’s the representative from South Holland. He was fighting a bill. And he was arguing hard. And he said, I’m asking you to stand for me. I’m asking you, the majority party to stand against the union interest, because he believed in a bill so hard, he was asking you colleagues to once say no to the union. And then he made a comment that was so telling, and so truthful. The only mistake I made is I didn’t just say thank you. He said guys looked at your side of the aisle. He said, I know your D-2s. Those are campaign contributions. I know what your details look like, but I’m asking you to stand with me.

And when that when that vote hit the board, very few of you stood with him. Because he was asking you to be intellectually honest yourself. If you back up the political corruption as relates to campaign donations, would you stand with them? And many of you said no.

So, I just asked my colleagues to be intellectually honest of what the vote is today. This isn’t about men and women and hats, slamming hammers and building stuff. These are the people right outside this door, ready to send contribution checks to your campaign to get you reelected.

I’m asking my colleagues to vote no. The corruption in the State is too great. The people keep getting indicted. And until we address ethics reform, nobody’s gonna want to live in this damn state. And that’s the biggest crisis of our state right now. Thank you.”