Chesney Vociferously Opposes Bill to put Menstruation Products in Schoolboys’ Bathrooms

State Representative Andrew Chesney spoke out vociferously in opposition to legislation being pushed by Democrat Representative Barbara Hernandez to put feminine hygiene/ menstruation products in schoolboys’ bathrooms for grade ranges 4-12.

“This is really important for young menstruators,” said Representative Hernandez.

Chesney rose on the House floor and asked why these products would be put in male bathrooms, “why do you feel it is appropriate to put menstrual products in male bathrooms for children?”

This led to a back and forth on the House Floor that ended in Chesney declaring, “there are only two genders. There are males and females. There have been male and female bathrooms for 100 years plus in this country.”

Chesney continued, “I would appreciate if the sponsor would stay the hell out of my bathrooms and I promise her I will stay out of hers.”

The legislation being debated, which passed 68-43, was House Bill 156. Prior legislation had already required school districts to provide feminine hygiene products in girls’ bathrooms in schools, but this legislation expanded the unfunded mandate to boys’ bathrooms, as well.