Democrats Defelonize Hard Drug Use in latest “Lurch to the Left”

Passing along a partisan roll call with no Republican votes, Democrats in the Illinois House pushed a measure this week to move the use of ALL drugs (including heroin meth, cocaine, fentanyl, and all other drugs) from a Felony to a Class A Misdemeanor, retroactively, in the latest “lurch to the left” in Illinois’ political landscape.

“It started with legalizing pot sales, then Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton cut to the front of the line on the first day of pot sales in Illinois, Governor JB Pritzker pushed for and won cash bail reform turning county jails into turnstiles, Governor Pritzker set aside $4.1 million in taxpayer funds through an executive order to fund taxpayer-funded centers in which drug addicts may consume illegal narcotics under government supervision, Governor Pritzker has repeatedly released dangerous criminals early —  ignoring victims and families while blaming the global pandemic, not to mention Illinois Democrats stoking public hatred against our brave law enforcement,” derided State Representative Andrew Chesney. “National Police Week is coming up and Illinois Democrats send THIS message enabling drug dealers instead of standing tall to support to law enforcement? Truly disgusting,” he exclaimed.

House Bill 3447 passed along a slim margin garnering only Democrat votes and receiving no Republican votes. Meanwhile, legislation sponsored by Rep. Chesney to protect law enforcement officers with “hate crime” protections for crimes against the police, House Bill 3715, continues to be bottled up by Illinois Democrats in the House Rules Committee, effectively stalling the legislation to avoid an embarrassing roll call for Democrats backed by police unions.