Local Legislators Urge Investigation into Freeport Election Hijinks

Local legislators are calling on the public to share additional evidence as part of an investigation into election hijinks from the Freeport Consolidated General Election on Tuesday, April 6.

The legislators called attention to a police report filed by a resident and numerous reports made to local election authorities alleging voter intimidation and electioneering within campaign-free zones which surround polling places.

“What we saw yesterday was embarrassing,” said Rep. Andrew Chesney. “We’ve heard rumors of this kind of illegal activity occurring in Chicago, but we’ve never had this problem here until now. The integrity of elections being compromised by politicians and activists who prioritized voter harassment over following the law in campaign-free zones, should not be tolerated.”

“I join Representative Chesney in urging a full investigation into these reports and gathering evidence toward filing criminal charges against perpetrators,” said Sen. Brian Stewart. “There is no place for intimidation and illegal electioneering in our community.”

Law enforcement and prosecutors are reviewing evidence and reports now to determine whether charges should be filed against the alleged perpetrators of illegal acts. Anyone with evidence and reports of intimidation, harassment, or illegal electioneering in campaign-free zones in Freeport should contact the Freeport Police Department at 815-235-8222 and ask to file a police report describing their experience along with accompanying evidence (photos, videos, personal testimonials). This evidence collection and review will allow prosecutors to vet the allegations fully and prosecute crimes.