In midst of “Defund Police” debate in Springfield, Chesney files Pro-Police Resolution and “Back the Badge” Petition

In the midst of a push by Democrats in Springfield to defund the police and push radical criminal justice reform through the General Assembly during the Lame-Duck legislative session, State Representative Andrew Chesney filed a resolution honoring law enforcement and initiated a petition to oppose efforts aimed at defunding police in Illinois.

“I cannot believe how radical these proposals are from Progressive Democrats in Springfield,” said Chesney. “When Lame-Duck Session began, I never would have imagined that we would have to be lobbying our few moderate Democrat colleagues so hard to not eliminate law enforcement and to not decriminalize heroin and methamphetamine. These proposals are counter to the societal norms supported by all Illinoisans, and certainly counter to our shared Northwest Illinois values.”

“We support our law enforcement and know they have a job to do in protecting and serving us all,” Chesney continued. “I felt it very important that law enforcement hear from some of us that we support their mission and do not buy in to these bizarre proposals which would make our communities less safe.”

The resolution Chesney filed supporting our law enforcement is House Resolution 963. The resolution acknowledges, “crimes committed by police against our citizens cannot nor will not be tolerated; these individuals must be held accountable and prosecuted for these acts,” and goes on to say, “the great vast majority of men and women who wear the badge are committed to their mission of protecting law-abiding citizens and enforcing the laws of the State of Illinois, and they should not be vilified with legislation that diminishes their ability to serve, nor legislation which is punitive to those who serve honorably.”

Any Illinoisan can sign Chesney’s “Back the Badge” petition HERE.

The Full Text of House Resolution 963 can be reviewed HERE.