Rep. Chesney lauds withdrawal of Emergency Rule for Jail Time for Business Owners

An Emergency Rule that would have provided for criminal penalties and potential jail time for business owners who reopen in violation of Governor Pritzker’s executive orders was abruptly removed from the agenda of Illinois’ Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) on Wednesday. Following the withdrawing of the emergency rule, State Representative Andrew Chesney issued the following statement:

“JCAR members received upward of 7,000 emails in opposition to this Emergency Rule dropped last Friday.  The people of Illinois were rightly outraged by the emergency rule, and I am glad common-sense prevailed and the voice of the people was heard.

“We must keep up the pressure to drive the message home that the benefits of the healthcare data and metrics is that regional reopening plans can be customized on much more localized level than the Governor would have people believe.  The only science behind some of these decisions is, unfortunately, ‘political science’; not epidemiology and certainly not economics,” Chesney continued as the Illinois House returns to Springfield for what is expected to be an extraordinarily abridged Spring Legislative Session.