Prescription for Illinois “growth” not “government” says Chesney reacting to Governor’s Speech

State Representative Andrew Chesney reacted to Governor JB Pritzker’s Budget Address today by saying Illinois needs, “more growth, not more government.”

“There is no doubt, JB Pritzker is a skilled politician.  He would have to be that slick to convince so many Illinoisans that the problems his party created are without instead of within.  After repeatedly increasing your taxes to some of the highest in the nation, pushing jobs and industries out of Illinois and leading one of the largest job-growth programs for self-dealers in U.S. history, Illinois Democrats now want to convince taxpayers that they can lead us out of the crisis they created.  Unbelievable,” Chesney reacted incredulously.

“I am focused on an agenda on excising the ethical rot that has infested Illinois emanating from the Northeast corner of our State, working to provide real, meaningful property tax relief for hardworking families, and empowering Illinois voters to select their politicians instead of their politicians selecting their voters through unfair legislative mapping,” said Chesney. 

“If Democrats want meaningful, equal partners in addressing those issues, they will find eager support from Illinois House Republicans.  They will not, however, find willing co-conspirators to their continued mismanagement,” Chesney cautioned.