Rep. Chesney donates pay raise he opposed to local organizations

State Representative Andrew Chesney refused to accept the $1,628 pay raise given to lawmakers this year by donating $1,628 to local organizations serving Northwest Illinois.

“Lawmakers do not deserve a pay raise considering the fiscal condition of Illinois and the push for higher taxes on residents at all turns,” said Rep. Chesney.  “I co-sponsored legislation to reject the pay raise, but that legislation was not called for a vote this year.  That’s why I am rejecting this pay by donating it to local organizations representing Northwest Illinois values.”

Organizations receiving funds from Rep. Chesney’s charitable contributions include:

  • Voices of Stephenson County- an organization offering victim-centered services and support in the treatment and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault and abuse.
  • The Junior Livestock Association of Stephenson County- an organization fostering hard work, persistence, and empathy through agricultural education for young people in Stephenson County.
  • Tyler’s Justice Center for Children- Stockton- an organization dedicated to lessen the child victim’s trauma by providing a sensitive, collaborative response to the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child sexual abuse and serious physical abuse cases.
  • Pink Heels- Freeport- an organization bringing the community together to show support and love to women, men and children who have any color of cancer and fighting any catastrophic diseases.
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital- an organization advancing cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.

“I debated returning this pay raise to the state coffers.  However, when I personally oppose Illinois taxpayer dollars going to abortion services (including late-term), going to services for non-residents, and addressing urban issues at the expense of the rest of Illinois, I cannot abide this voluntary use of these dollars, Chesney continued.  “Instead, I will be donating my legislative pay raise, to area organizations that reflect Northwest Illinoisans values.”