Chesney Opposes Progressive Income Tax

State Representative Andrew Chesney signed on as a co-sponsor of House Resolution 153 this week – legislation opposing Constitutional changes creating a progressive income tax in Illinois.

“Illinoisans are overtaxed and underserved by their state government.  The Democrat super-majority is busily selling the notion of a progressive income tax without disclosing the brackets and who would pay even more under such a move.  That’s wrong and we must stop it,” Chesney continued.  “It’s no wonder so many Illinoisans have grown so weary of this tax-and-spend mentality and simply choose to leave our state rather than wait to be taxed out of it.”

“Last year’s version of the Progressive Income Tax, HB 3522, raised tax rates starting at incomes of $17,800 and above. I refuse to support any plan to raise income taxes on low income and middle-income families,” Chesney said following a Capitol news conference on Wednesday.

All 44 members of the Illinois House Republican Caucus are co-sponsors of HR 153.