Pritzker Budget Address Reaction: Chesney says Illinois, “needs more Growth, not more Government”

State Representative Andrew Chesney reacted to Governor JB Pritzker’s Budget Address today by saying Illinois needs, “more growth, not more government.”

“Illinois is losing population and, unfortunately, what we heard today is a tax and spend policy, peppered with borrowing gimmicks, and proposed sale of long-term assets to meet short-term spending,” said Chesney from Springfield on Wednesday.  “As expected, there was a fair amount of Governor Pritzker pandering to the Progressive wing of his party.”

“It is going to take many years of intense fiscal discipline to dig Illinois out of the hole dug by 20 years of Democrat leadership over the budgeting process,” said Chesney.  

Regarding the Governor’s comments on pension reform, Chesney cautioned, “We should approach his ideas cautiously to ensure we are not simply robbing Peter to pay Paul.  A return to Blagojevich’s failed budget strategy of pension holidays is worrisome, to say the least.”